This guy is the real leader of the Soviet, his freeze moves are absolutely INSANE

Zimnyaya has a monstrous speed stat of 3542, allowing him to outspeed pretty much every other deny monster if he has sufficient speed runes. Not only that, but one of his early freeze moves, Small Propaganda, lies about the 50% accuracy freeze in it’s move description - it’s actually 100% accuracy. This move gives Freeze to all enemies, Freeze Hater to all allies, has 28 stamina cost, and only has a CD of 2 turns. His other viable moves include Coldtober Revolution, which Freezes the enemies and takes away half of their stamina for 90 stamina, Devastating Barrage, which applies Stun to all enemies for 90 stamina, Stamina Appropriation, which is a 0 Stamina skill which replenishes 50% of Stamina to all allies, Frostletariat Uprising, which is a 20 Stamina team AoE which applies Precision and Immunity to Freeze while also giving 50% of Stamina, and Prisoner of Ice, which Mega Freezes a single target for 90 stamina. Notice how high most of these stamina costs are - that’s why Small Propaganda is so important. By leading with it, you can then play another Freeze more like Coldtober Revolution immediately after, effectively denying them for two turns while your team gets Freeze Hater, which does increased damage to frozen monsters. You could also run Victory of the Frostletariat, which gives an extra turn and immune to freeze for 60 stamina, but I don’t recommend running a support skill on a deny monster when it already has so many viable deny moves - same with the move Massive Propaganda, a 36 Stamina AoE that applies Freeze Hater to all allies while doing damage to all enemies. Massive Propaganda (ironically) gets completely outclassed by Small Propaganda, which applies Freeze Hater to all allies and has a “50%” chance to Freeze all enemies (don’t let Social Point know it’s actually 100% ;] ). The last thing in this very meticulous and long-winded paragraph is his completely jacked Special skill - I don’t know what they were thinking when they gave this already ridiculous denier an AoE Mega Freeze for a Special, because that can just straight-up win a game by itself if it appears. I highly reccomend this monster, get him at the first possible chance. Seems like the commies knew what they were doing, making this guy the leader of their country.

(To sum up that TL;DR block of text:)

Recommended Moveset:

  • Coldtober Revolution
  • Small Propaganda
  • Prisoner of Ice
  • Stamina Appropriation/ Frostletariat Uprising

Recommended runes: 3 Speed/ 2 Speed, 1 Stamina (depends on what you value more in: consistency or reliability)