Here is the arena's Viability Ranking from OP-Rank to F-Rank. OP is the most useful choice on your team and F is not recommended. Only legendary monsters are covered, since you have no reason not to use them. Monsters in the ranks are listed in alphabetical order. If you would like to vote on a monster's Rank, go to the ML Voting Page.

Non-Ranked MonstersEdit

OP RankEdit

These monsters are to good for the SS+ tier, so they get their own special tier. By far the best monsters in the entire game. You need to pay real life money for almost all of them.

SS rank Edit

Restricted to the best of the best. These Legendary Monsters are very good, but cut just short of OP rank for having either the worse stats or just weaker moves compared to OP rank. Despite that, they're easily some of the best in the game, and a team should really consider having any of them.




S rank Edit

Restricted to monsters rivaling the ones in SS rank only to have lost due to either a bad move or worse stats.




A Rank Edit

Restricted to monsters that perform great or at least good in the competitive scene. The ideal monsters you should tend to go for, if you aren't able to obtain higher-rank monsters.





B Rank Edit

Restricted to monsters with good average performance in the Monster Legends meta game. They are considered as viable options for your team.




C Rank Edit

Restricted to monsters that have some flaws in the current meta game, but can still perform good in some occasions.




D Rank Edit

Restricted to monsters that are better than E rank due to better moves and/or stats, but cut short of C rank. Almost never use them, they aren't worth much of your time in the competitive scene.




E Rank Edit

Restricted to monsters that are so weak, that they can lose to epics. Only consider using these if you don't have other legendary Monsters.



F Rank Edit

These monsters are so bad, they lose to common rank monsters. They are absolutely awful, and thankfully there is only 1: Nebotus.

Epic MonstersEdit

Epic Monsters can be as strong as Legendary ones! Go to Monster Legends Epic Guide to see Viability Rankings, Stats and advice for them!


Here is where you may discuss with others about monster's current tiers and where you feel they should or shouldn't be ranked as. It's also the spot where you can debate your argument and decision. Always remember though, you are always able to edit the list.

There was some old discussions in here that have now been kindly put to rest by MangoStarco, so thought I delete some of the old stuff. :)


I'd like a second opinion on Ihtiander, He's a really solid addition to my team with a team stun, team freeze, a damage + team blind, and a damage+ stun/freeze depending on which you prefer. He's made me win against plenty of enemies that are 10-20 levels higher with a speed and team speed rune, and always goes first.

"He's pretty good, but, if he dies, that's it. You need powerful attackers to back him up since he's a denier. (Black Destruction 92)"


Where is Megaosteum in the rankings? What do people think of this fire legend?

Erm... He's good I guess... Maybe A- or B+. There are just so many fire attackers and megaosteum is a bit of a poor man's Darmith. With some good speed and power runes, though, he can still be dangerous. He used to be good because of his 60 dmg 0cd, but now there are monsters like Kiridar who have 70 dmg with no cooldown. Go ahead and use him, but he'll get outclassed in the higher levels. He's also easy to deny, with his trait being immune to burning.imtn


Captain Copperbeard’s page feels outdated as his immunity to stun is actually mountain and his moves are different as well. He doesn’t have a 70 AoE move beside some his special. ‘All aboard’ is ‘Board her’. ‘There is no Squadron Lorazo’ or the ‘The dead do not lie’

Fix undertaker's article. The WWE moves changed to gothy moves.


Lady Solaris can't be in SS+. She has bad strength and skill (exc DD+NER+Extra Turn) for SS+ attacker