Valgar the Pure is a VIP monster, which means it needs to be bought with real money.

Role: Support / Attacker

Overview Edit

Valgar the Pure is a well balanced monster which has many usefull ways. He can be a good damage dealer, but he is a great supporter too and can make your team immune against every elements except the Light-element. He can cure the entire team too and remove debuffs from it (a good reason, why you can use him with Queen Luthien and Lord of the Atlantis).

He is one of the best element-based supporters and damage dealers in the entire game and that's why I he has the A+ rank in the Viability Ranking.


  • Well balanced states
  • He has a support move which can give your entire team immunity against every kind of element except Light - that means, he can delete his big weaknesses against Metal-monsters.
  • Gives precision, double damage AND stamina regeneration.
  • He has strong damaging skills
  • His special skill is one of the strongest in the entire game.


  • High cooldowns
  • Not very good stats, just OK

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Divine Light (Stamina regeneration + Double damage + Precision w/ 31 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Spear of Tempest (75 Light dmg w/ 28 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Light of Punishment (AoE 30 Light dmg + Positive Effect Removal w/ 35 stamina, no CD)
  • Light Salvation (30 Light dmg + no damage received from all elements [except Light] [1 Turn] w/ 24 stamina, 2-turn CD)

Counters Edit

He is weak against fast Metal-type monsters like Metalhëad and Annihilator R2. You can use Timerion to use Valgar's high cooldowns against him.