Rank: B+
Power: 3,045
Life: 31,366
Speed: 3,245
Trait: Immune to Blind

Uriel, one of the first legends in the game. Only purchasable once you reach level 60. He is one of the three monsters that can revive other monsters, the others being The Undertaker and Kassia (With new ones like Samael and Metalisha coming)


Uriel has been outclassed by many other monsters who have lower cooldowns for their revival moves, and other actually decent moves besides that. Uriel is a bad support, and unless you have a gap in your team- he is generally not recommended.


  • Good Stats
  • Revival Move


  • Really bad moves besides 2
  • Bad Trait
  • Other than the revive move, the rest of his moves are shit.


The angel of Resurrection

  • Holy Resurrection
  • Divine Protection
  • Catholicon
  • Celestial Nimbus/Archangelic Nimbus
  • 3 Team Speed/3 Team Stamina

Uriel's best moves are Holy Resurrection, which does what it sounds like and what he is known for, and Divine Protection, which is a good support move that heals life and energy, gives a shield, and gets rid of negative effects. Catholicon is for a 50% removal of bad effects on team, and the Nimbus' are for your choice of 50% AOE blind or daze. Besides the two good effects on Uriel, the best use they have is for 50% effect moves.


To defeat a team with Uriel, kill them first. Metalhëad is a good metal monster to use when killing uriel, but any old denier like Hackster or Frostbite can immobilize uriel. In the end, just kill the bitch.

Book AnalysisEdit


Most of the people in the Spirits category are deniers, like Baba Yaga, and attackers, like Tesaday. Uriel was THE guy to get back when monster legends had only a handful of monsters, so many old users will have them. They are overall outclassed by Totem and Samael in support, (And revival for Samael). Also, as said before, Glitch and Baba Yaga can possess Uriel with little to no trouble in team wars.

  • Viability Rank: B (5/10)
  • Effectiveness: 6/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 3/10



The winged category is diverse, and most everyone outclasses uriel. Samuel is also in this category, and so is Caillech. Uriel is generally better than a few of the monsters, making her pretty dangerous.

  • Viability Rank: B (5/10)
  • Effectiveness: 7/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 5/10



In a Light team wars, Uriel is completely outclassed by everyone except for Arch Knight, and in some cases, Oghma.

  • Viability Rank: B (5/10)
  • Effectiveness: 2/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 2/10

OVERALL RANKING: 3/10 Catégorie:Light Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Blind Immunity