Timerion, the time-machine artifact monster. It is apparently not alive and is one of the monster unique monsters in all of Monster Legends! He is the Metal monster from the Nine Wonders.

Role: Curser

Overview Edit

Timerion is extremely dangerous, often seen as the "best support" monster. Others might argue Caillech is better, but everyone can agree on the fact that this guy is very good. He can't attack, but can deny. Despite not being able to attack, he is a SS Rank on the Viability Ranking and for good reasons. Timerion has support moves, but they are unlike any other kind of monsters. Instead of giving, e.g. damage boost or healing, he plays on cooldowns and other stuff. Equalizer makes the target get the same health as you, which is insanely good against bosses in adventure map. Timerion has all sorts of uses. He is so good, that there are builds made especially to counter him.


  • Has a lot of good support moves, so it is really hard what to choose from
  • Cooldowns Activated destroys monsters with large cooldowns
  • Has great trait
  • He is extremely versatile and unpredictable
  • Stop-Time makes an enemy miss its turn, when Timerion gain an extra self-turn
  • Some moves cost a lot, so you can use Charging Banner.


  • His speed and life are a bit lackluster.
  • Useless when allies are dead
  • Some monsters have strong 0 cooldown moves, which makes Timerion a bit useless
  • Certain moves cost alot of stanima
  • He has a disease called "The Four-Slot Syndrome", which is the fact that he has so many good moves, but no matter which moves you choose, one is going to be left behind and you would have needed for some battles.

Recommended Moveset Edit

Can't Touch This! Doo do doo doooo do doo dooo Edit

  • Cooldowns Activated
  • Space-Time
  • Stop-Time
  • Looped Damage/Cooldowns Deactivated
  • 3 Speed Runes

The typical arena Timerion. Start of with Stop-Time on the biggest treat of the opposing team. Since it gives you an extra turn, you can use Cooldowns Activated and limit your opponent's moves. Space-Time is used next as it makes your team immune to any damage for one turn. The last move is your choice. If your team has a lot of cooldowns, pick Cooldowns Deactivated. If you don't think that's necessary, use Looped Damage instead.

I'm bringing you down! This is Sparta! Edit

  • Equalizer
  • Looped Damage/Space-Time
  • Cooldowns Activated
  • Cooldowns Deactivated
  • 2 Speed Runes, 1 Stamina Rune

Here is the adventure map Timerion. This is one all about taking down bosses like if it was nothing. Equalizer is kinda OP against them as you will bring their HP to yours. Cooldowns Desactivated is used to gain Equalizer back and use it again in order to bring every enemy's HP down. Cooldowns Activated is just Timerion's best move and the last move dépends on what you prefer.

Reflect that back! ^>^ Edit

  • Looped Damage
  • Space-Time/Cooldowns Activated
  • Time Machine
  • Cooldowns Deactivated
  • 2 Life Runes, 1 Stamina Rune

OK, this is one is a bit different. It is all about reflecting all the moves to the enemy team. Use Time Machine first as it will weaken all the opposing team. Next up, you can go for Looped Damage and reflect all the moves they throw at you, but stronger as your power will be higher than their thanks to Time Machine! Space-Time is just in case this gets too Dangerous and Cooldowns Deactivated is for gaining the moves back quicker and activation is for obvious reasons. This strategy works well with a monster that gives damage boost to everyone like General Thetys, General Darmith or Lord of the Atlantis.

Counters Edit