After a long time, I finally decided to make Thorder's page as this monster is often spoken about in the Monster Legends community. He has a great story which I'll abord in the Overview section. He had also been replaced by VoltaiK when it got nerfed.


Thorder has a story of glory, but it is a also a very sad story. If you joined the game back in the old days of Monster Legends, this monster was without a doubt SS rank. Most competitive players were using a team of triple Thorders and sometimes mixed with White Walker, the only freeze abuser at the time. The reason being the slow and haste status. Today, these two status are very underwhelming and prehaps one of the worst status ever. The only good user of these is actually Shakti. Back in the old days, the slow status, combined with the haste status made Thorder having about 5 turns to deal damage in a row. That is kinda insane. Then the enemies would attack, but then Thorder would have about 5 turns once again and over and over until you died. Realizing how overpowered Thorder was, the developers nerfed him... ALOT! First of all, Thorder now has only 20% chance of slowing/gain haste. Worse, they gave his best move a two-turns cooldown. These two nerfs destroyed Thorder very quickly. And then other thunder legends came and they were all better than Thorder, except Thundhare...which sucks, it's horrible. So yeah, a pretty sad story. Now, Thorder sits at the D- Rank and you wanna know what is the worst thing about this? He isn't the worst breedable monster (Nebotus is). Why? Well he got such a good speed stat that at least he will have time to actually do something, unlike Nebotus or Rockantium.


  • His speed is amazing.
  • It is a Breedable Legendary so you can get a Level 130 Thorder just by patient breeding and extracting cells.
  • Has a slow+haste ability that can be used if you are super lucky.


  • Power is lackluster and life is so horrible, no words can describe it
  • Bad trait (seriously immunity to blindne is no longer useful)
  • Bad status effects
  • Very low usefulness
  • Outclassed by every Thunder monster that isn't Thundhare or Thunder Eagle

Recommended MovesetsEdit

Back in my days, I was a legend!

  • Storm Rider
  • Molecular Flow
  • Thor Support
  • Jupiter's Ray
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Storm Rider was once an amazing move. is used for damage sadly. If you get slow with this, go buy a lottery ticket. Molecular Flow is an AOE move which might slow *cough* never gonna happen *cough*. Thor Support does decent damage. Jupiter's Ray gives Thorder precision, your only good status So use Thorder only if you feel nostalgic, OK? This monster is outright terrible.


Every single Earth monster in the game. Even lowly Rockilla. You can even freeze/stun/possess Thorder. So really, you shouldn't have trouble at all.