He is the rider of lightning! Although he is faster than almost all other creatures, he focuses on slowing his enemies down to abuse them. A dangerous enemy to face; he can hit you repeatedly before you can even react!


Thorder has a good story of glory. If you were around in the old days of Monster Legends, this monster was undoubtedly SS rank. Most competitive players used a team of triple Thorder, sometimes mixed with White Walker, the only Freeze abuser at the time. Today, Slow and Haste are very underwhelming, but back in the old days, they could give Thorder almost infinite turns when combined. Realizing how overpowered Thorder was, the developers nerfed him severely, greatly reducing the chance Slow and Haste landing and giving his best move a two-turn cooldown. These two nerfs destroyed Thorder very quickly. Now, Thorder sits at the D-Rank and you wanna know what is the worst thing about this? He isn't the worst breedable monster (Nebotus is) and is pretty tough when he ranked up to rank 5 and got high runes


  • Great Speed
  • Breedable Legendary, so you can get him to Rank 5 with enough patience
  • Can utilize Slow and Haste well if you're super lucky


  • God-awful Power and Health
  • Take a lot of stamina on 1 move
  • Bad trait
  • Outclassed by every Legendary Thunder monster that isn't Thundhare
  • Only Slow as status effect (Exception of Blind)

Recommended MovesetsEdit

Back in my days, I was a legend!

  • Storm Rider (50 Thunder dmg + Chance of Slow w/ 35s, 2 turn CD)
  • Molecular Flow (30 AoE Thunder dmg + Chance of Slow w/ 42s, 2 turn CD)
  • Thor Support (50 Special dmg w/ 30s, 2 turn CD)
  • Jupiter's Ray / Electric Storm / Volt Overdose / Franklin Key ( Jupiter for 30 Special dmg + Precision w/ 18s, no CD) / (Electric for 45 Special dmg w/ 24s, 1 turn CD) / (Volt for 35 Special dmg + Allies Remove Slow effect w/ 17s, no CD) / (Franklin Key for 35 Thunder dmg + Chance of Slow w/ 16s, no CD)
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Storm Rider was once an amazing move. is used for damage sadly. If you get slow with this, go buy a lottery ticket. Molecular Flow is an AOE move which might slow *cough* never gonna happen *cough*. Thor Support does decent damage. Jupiter's Ray gives Thorder precision, your only good status So use Thorder only if you feel nostalgic, OK? This monster is outright terrible. IF you want him to be an attacker or at least immune to CD or saving stamina, use Electric Storm, that deal 45 dmg + 24s, 1 turn CD and other that listed above


Every single Earth monster in the game. Even lowly Rockilla. You can even freeze/stun/possess Thorder. So really, you shouldn't have trouble at all.