The Undertaker
Rank: A+
Power: 3,388
Life: 34,683
Speed: 3,399
Trait: Gravedigger

The Undertaker is the new monster in the Hell-o-ween race, (October, 2017). He has ok stats, and a very good move.


The Undertaker has a Uriel-esc move, where it revives an ally with only 50% health and Stamina. The good part of this move, is that is only has a 3 round cooldown. Uriel has 8 turns of cooldown. The Undertaker also has some good stun and damage moves - making him more useful the Uriel


  • ONLY 3 Round cooldown for revival
  • A good trait.
  • Great Health
  • Doubles as a denier/support
  • Rest in Peace and Dead man walks are great moves.
  • Does 65 damage stun move. With "Rest in Peace" this can be insane.


  • Slowish and not very powerful
  • A bit overrated if you ask me


The Hearse is coming...

  • Sepulcher Cry
  • Coffin Lock
  • No Rest For the Wicked
  • Dress to Dig

His movesets are great, he's an attacker and a reviver. He's just amazing.


You obviously want to kill The Undertaker first, to immobilize him from doing any revival moves, or double damage. Lux Aura is a good light monster to use. The Undertaker does have a problem with stun and freeze, so any good denier will take him out for a few turns. Catégorie:Dark Monsters Catégorie:Gravedigger Catégorie:Monsters