The Judgement
The Judgement
Rank: A
Power: 3,542
Life: 29,556
Speed: 3,377
Trait: Poison Immunity

The Judgement breaks how people think about nature legends, they were based on healing and now he cames to show us how nature can be a beast

Overview Edit

The Judgement is ranked A in Viability ranking due to his good stats and skills, he breaks the rules being an attacking nature legend, he is all about damage so he would get very high power and damaging moves. He is actually the best offensive nature legend.


  • He has got very good stats
  • He is not easy to take down because of his high damaging moves that heal him or apply life regeneration
  • His special skill is brutal


  • High cooldowns
  • Bad trait
  • Bad Speed and Bad Trait, making him easy to deny
  • Not the best nature attacker

Movesets Edit

Feel the wrath of nature!

  • Crazy earthquake
  • Massive bone spikes
  • Barbarous knuckles / Inhuman lnuckles
  • Brutal vibration
  • 3 Power Runes

The judgement's main role is to kill the enemy, So maximizing his power is the best option. Creazy earthquake deals massive special damage while having a decent cooldown. Brutal vibration deals heavy special damage with 0 cooldowns so it's perfect. Massive bone spikes deals good spread damage which is necessary to all attackers. While you can choose between Barbarous knuckles which applies life regeneration and Inhuman knuckles that does instant heal by 30% which helps you to survive and both do good damage.

Counters Edit

Timerion is a good counter, a good fire monster such as Greedy dragon, Megaosteum or General Darmith all are good enemies. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Nature Monsters Catégorie:Poison Immunity