The Firestorm - the first fire superhero, sadly not the best one.


The Firestorm is a Fire attacker, with low to high cooldowns. His power is amazing same as his movepool, but he has low speed (and maybe his trait) gave him the C rank.


  • Double Damage + 30% shield
  • Has good skills
  • Great power
  • Stun with low cooldowns


  • He has trouble against stun, freeze and possession
  • Low speed and life
  • Bad Trait
  • His cooldowns maybe bit high

Recommended MovesetEdit

I'm a superhero!

  • Turn Yourself in to the Law! (40 Special damage + Stun w/ 27 stamina, 1-turn CD)
  • Surrender Villain! (60 Special damage w/ 31 stamina, 4-turn CD)
  • For the Justice! (AoE 35 Fire damage w/ 28 stamina, 2-turn CD)
  • I'm The Firestorm! ( Self Double damage + 30% chance shield w/ 26 stamina, 4-turn CD)
  • 3 Power Runes

The Firestorm is all about damage so his I'm The Firestorm! is an amazing self-boosting move to increase your damage by x2 so you can do serious damage with your For the Justice! move that does pretty good damage to all. Turn Yourself in to the Law! is your immobolizing move with an OK damage that has the lowest cooldown by 1 turn. Surrender Villain! deals MASSIVE special damage to a single for so it's a 1 shot kill skill to use.


The Firestorm is weak to Timerion so using him is a good deal. Lord Mammoth is a nice water attacker to use also he can freeze him. Mommy is the stunner/ possesser here.