Rank: B
Power: 3,498
Life: 28,350
Speed: 3,388
Trait: Immune to Magnetising

Terroriser is a metal type attacker, he is strong, quite fast and deadly!

Overview Edit

Terroriser is ranked A in viability ranking because of his deadly combo between stats, skills and being free to obtain .His multi magnetize being special based is awesome, then the AOE 45 damage can 1 hit kill all, and if this is not enough to Ouros lhe has got another high damaging metal damage that finishes an enemy and gives you precision, without mentionning a 70 damage skill and a self double damage move...


  • He got very power and a decent speed/ life
  • He can gain self double damage, then AOE magnetize, Then AOE 45. A Lethal Combo !
  • He has got a good movepool
  • Low cooldowns
  • His best moves are special pased, no fear facing Metal-Types


  • Needs more speed
  • Misses immobolizing move
  • Trashy trait
  • Even if his cooldowns are low, he doesn't have a 0 cooldown move.

Movesets Edit

I'm an Annihilating Machine !

  • Hard Headshot
  • Multi Kill
  • More Power
  • Weaken Targets/ Injure Target/ More Precision
  • 3 Power Runes

Terroriser deals solid damage so 3 power runes are the best for him, Weaken Targetsis your mass magnetize skill so doing Multi Kill next with it's high 45 base power to all can kill them all because of magnetize while Injure Target deals solid damage and bleeds the enemy, not highly recommended to use but can come in handly and More Precision deals very heavy metal damage and gives precicdion, I might recommend it over the others. Hard Headshot is such an amazing move; massive special damage and 1 turn cooldown is just insanely good!

 Counters Edit

Varuna is good for stun and freeze while General Shannara and Malair can be good counters for 1 shot kill. Timerion is good here since Terroriser can have 1 turn of recharge next to Cooldowns Activated. Catégorie:Metal Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Magnetize Immunity