One of the best attackers ever released, awesome design, awesome skills, AWESOME MONSTER !


One of the better light attackers out there, especially within his rank, he leans on his massive power and speed, to just kill all. Awesome AOE skill, overpowered self protecting skills and just a one shot kill skill too! Pretty solid monster, stays between S and S+ rank.


  • Amazing trait, works well with his skills.
  • Awesome AOE skills, one of the best AOE user in the whole game.
  • Probably the best self-buffer in the whole game.
  • Solid skills with insane damage.
  • Very brutal special skill.
  • Pretty high power, good speed and a meh life.
  • Awesome ally to general ingvar.
  • His self-boosting skills makes you ignore his life.
  • Is literally RENGAR, hides in a bush and oneshots people.


  • Can be considered as a high cooldown monster.

Recommended MovesetEdit

I'm Rengar!

  • Invisible Hunter
  • Ready To Hunt
  • Fatal Ambush
  • Hidden Kill
  • Runes: 2 STRENGTH & 1 SPEED

For the best light attacker, you just need 3 power runes and you can ruin any team! Start things off with Ready To Hunt, self +100% damage, precision and space time, you are almost sure that you will get a turn when you look at your trait, just WOW, overpowered skill. Next you can use Fatal Ambush, your strong 45 AOE that should finish all enemies, if not,you have Hidden Kill with the fantastic special base, the insanely high 70 damage and an unexpected addition: Bleed! Who shall survive?! And when you are down to 1vs1 Invisible Hunter is your choice, nice damage and a great positive effect to dodge next damage! And don't forget that he is the perfect ally to General Ingvar!

Counters Edit

Taiga is weak to Metal. So Metalhëad and Drazza and many others can easily destroy him. Possessers and Stunners will make him deal high damage to his own team if he has three power runes so Mommy or Glitch are the best choice, Timerion also is recommended!