Sphyrnus is the water-type super vilain. He is a hammerheaded shark standing up looking to rule over the sea.


Sphyrnus is a very cool monster. He can freeze all his foes at once, stun, freeze again and got other cool status effects. His stats are also very good and he has a move without any cooldown. He is very solid in general and always worth the spot of a team immobilizer. However, Sphyrnus isn't as good as Varuna or Cavenfish for a few reasons.


  • He got a no cooldown freeze move, which is amazing
  • He can freeze everyone at once
  • He has other status effects, making him diversed


  • He has the worst trait in the entire game
  • He has nothing that stands out compared to other water-type monsters

Recommended MovesetEdit

The Sea is Mine!

  • Hammerhead Strike
  • Stunning Hammerhead
  • Frozen Water
  • Shark Attack/Tiburo's Drain/Hammerhead Fury
  • 3 Speed Runes/2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

The second runes spread is only if you are using Hammerhead Fury. Hammerhead Strike is the amazing no cooldown freezing move. Stunning Hammerhead guessed it, stun. Frozen Water freezes all your foes. The last move is basically filler, but it might come in handy. Shark Attack has the highest power and gives bleeding, which no one is immune to. Tiburo's Drain drains a lot of stamina, useful against VoltaiK and Hammerhead Fury just does a good chunk of damage to all the opposing team. All of them are good, just choose the one you need the most.


Being weak to Thunder, VoltaiK does a good job, be beware of Tiburo's Drain. Other Thunder monsters like General Uria also do great against Sphyrnus. Due to his horrible trait, Sphyrnus is easily beaten by other water monsters by freezing him, especially if they are immune to freeze themselves, like Cavenfish or Caillech. Possessing Sphyrnus is also an option as he might freeze his own team instead.