Son-Cookie is a christmas cookie and not only this! He is an actor! He likes to show off and wear good qualitys...

Overview Edit

Son-Cookie is one of the old OK legends, his stats seem not interesting except his power which is close to be good. But his skills are interesting and gift him B rank which is a respectable rank, although if he had a better speed and maybe life he would not mind to get into A- rank. He has the access to buff himself with a chance to gain haste and even heal himself, he can stun and blind/ daze all. (Son-Cookie's stats will be buffed by 25% for special team wars in December 2018)


  • Very good and diversed movepool.
  • Good damaging stun skill.
  • Solid moves to blind/ daze everyone.
  • He can apply to himself: double damage+ haste+ life regeneration+ stamina regeneration
  • Good trait
  • Low cooldowns


  • Very weak speed and mediocre life

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm a famous cookie !

  • Pandalf's Ornaments
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Over 9000!/ Healthy Mistletoe
  • Mega Super Final Blow
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune; 3 Team Speed Runes

If you used Over 9000! use the first runes built and if you used Healthy Mistletoe try the second chice. Pandalf's Ornaments deals solid special damage to all and dazes all foes with low cooldown and perform as your highest damaging AOE. Christmas Ornaments deals a bit lower damage to all and blind targets so it's very good to use as one of the best debuffs to apply. Mega Super Final Blow deals high damage and stuns with only 1 turn of cooldown. Over 9000! gives you x2 boost and haste / Healthy Mistletoe gives you life and stamina regenertion so pick up what you see the best.

Counters Edit

Freeze and stun monsters are good so Cavenfish and Varuna work well here. Lilysha is good for posession and Cyan Natura can hit him hard same as The Judgement.

Reference Edit

Son-Cookie's name originates as a reference to the popular character and main protagonist from the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama, Son Goku.