Rockantium was the first earth-type monster. He is slow, but can be very dangerous.

Overview Edit

Unlike other terrible monsters like Nebotus and Thundhare, this monster is bleh, but still better than those two, but jesus, he is sooooo SLOW, he will be outsped from every monster you may encounter, even though he has no stun or Hardened trait, he will have lots of stuns, freezes, and possesses so basically it be easy to foes to kill him easier before he'll use any attack and suddenly will be killed, but still, he is not bad monster, since he has alright Attack stat, he may at least can kill one foe. But seriously, thought he will be not necessary in a future, just give him Gold runes instead.


  • Decent Skills
  • Not many cooldowns
  • Pretty good Health
  • Not bad Damage
  • Stun moves


  • 2nd Slowest legendary. (slowest - Worker Hulk )
  • Bad trait

Skillset Edit

  • Rock Avalanche
  • Stone Rod
  • Rockorites
  • Protect all Team
  • 3 Speed / 3 Team Speed / 3 Gold

He have no choice but simply get outspeed and simply die, but to make him at least survive and go for Protect all Team, then the Life runes will be your choice but since he'll get stunned, frozen, or possessed, 3 Speed will at least he will have a chance, since he is a stun debuffer, he can outspeed and at least stun one Dark monster that doesn't possess the Speed runes and attack other monster further, and if you have WAYYY better supporting monsters example General Thetys or Nishant's Pet, go for Team Speed, this way this gives them to at least outspeed the other monster that has higher Speed and give debuffs while a other better Attacker can outspeed and OHKO all foes and him can at least do same thing, or simply go for Team Strength if you have problem with Attackers and want them to stronger and better things and especially for him.

Counters Edit

Since he has horrible Speed stat, he can be outsped by any Dark monster and eat him for dinner, regardless if they use Strength runes, you can simply stun, freeze, or possess him to stun his foes, and end things all. Basicly, any monster that's not Thundhare or Lagerchaun could kill him. Fuck it, Nebotus could probably still die to an element he's strong against.

Island OfferEdit

Rocktainium is the very simple beginning legendary pack. The simple answer is no, do not get him. First off, he's a bad legendary, and second off, you can later on breed him. If you're THAT eager to get a legendary, then go for Exo Skeel, and if you want a better attacker, and a faster one, go for Killeraptor. Catégorie:Earth Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Blind Immunity Catégorie:Island Offer