Rank: A+
Power: 3,850
Life: 29,255
Speed: 3,388
Trait: Immune to Burning

Rador is a monster that has emerged from the flames to become the master of burning.

Overview Edit

Ah, Rador... my first good legendary. He has the highest attack stat in the game at a whopping 3,850. My highest damage that I've gotten on him (Without using triple damage) is 250,000. With double damage that he can give himself he can kill nature monsters and low health monsters 1-hit with a AOE attack. I'm not even going to mention his attack that does heavy damage...


  • Highest Power in the game
  • Great stats for a "veteran" monster
  • AoE Burn
  • Double Damage and precision
  • Does so, so, so much damage.


  • Not that good trait
  • ONLY inflicts Burn, nothing else.
  • Cooldowns for days

Movesets Edit

Lite'm up!

  • Flame Slam
  • Turn them to Ashes
  • Melting Ground
  • Smoldering Bodies
  • 3 Speed Runes/2 Speed and 1 Stamina

Rador is mostly used just to burn and destroy. He is the slaughterer of all nature monsters, and prey of all water monsters. The main use here is "Melting Ground", to get an initial burn, followed by "Turn Them To Ashes" to get double damage, and then "Flame Slam" to kill them, or "Smoldering Bodies" If they are either nature, or would not die from the hit and not immune to burning. The optimal use of the "Turn Them To Ashes" in a boss fight would be right before the boss appears.


Water monsters can kill quickly, but I would recommend using someone with high health and damage. Cryotan has the highest health for a water monster and can deny Rador for 2 turns. Chill Bill has a high attack stat for a water monster aswell. Also, any monster that could get rid positive effects or possess/deny is good, so Baba Yaga and Hackster are good. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Fire Monsters Catégorie:Burn Immunity