Pixelion is an arcade monster while is made entirely of pixels. He apparently got into the universe via a glitch in the system.


Pixelion is a very unique monster. He is one of the very few monsters in the entire game to be able to use skills that aren't from his type. The only other legendary able to do so being Worker Hulk. Pixelion's got a good speed, interesting status effects and a very powerful special move. His power and life are both decent and his trait is good. Sadly, Pixelion can't spread status at 100% accuracy, which is a fatal flaw. Also, while he is a damage dealer mostly, his power is only decent, making him weaker than most attackers.


  • He has skills that aren't of his type. So he can do critical damage to Metal, Fire and Nature types
  • Because he got critical damage against Nature types, he doesn't fear them
  • Great trait
  • His special move does serious damage
  • He can freeze one target and has a chance to freeze everyone
  • Good life and speed
  • he can counter his weakness


  • Power is only decent, which is lacking for him
  • Suffers from big cooldowns
  • Very bad AOE moves

Recommended MovesetsEdit

By the Power of Pixels!

  • Stigma
  • Ice2
  • Fire3
  • Magic Cutter
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

This is the "safe" Pixelion. By using Ice2 and Fire3, you won't get access to AOE moves, but your status effects will be 100% accurate. Ice2 freezes the target and Fire3 burns it. Stigma gives a random status effect to the target and Magic Cutter got no cooldown, which is nice.

Luck is on my side!

  • Stigma
  • Ice3
  • Fire2
  • Magic Cutter
  • 2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

You think you are lucky in general? Use this set instead. Ice3 has 50% chance to freeze everyone for each target individually. Fire2 works the same, but with burning instead. Magic Cutter has no cooldown and Stigma gives a random status effect.

Power of the Elements!

  • Stigma/Magic Cutter
  • Ice3
  • Ice2
  • Fire3/Fire2
  • 3 Speed Runes

By using both freezing moves, you have the chance to freeze everyone and one of the targets for two turns. Fire3 burns one foe and Fire2 may burn them all, but you need luck. Depends on how you judge your luck. Stigma gives a random effect, but Magic Cutter got no cooldown and might be used instead.


Pixelion is immune to stun. Possessing him is very good, but freezing works too. Having big cooldowns, Timerion is safe as long as Pixelion doesn't carry Magic Cutter. Monsters immune to freeze have an advantage over Pixelion.