He is based on Xenomorph, a famous alien monster who debuted in the movie "Alien".

Overview Edit

Pa'Lhax is a glass cannon holding excellent speed and power but low life, his trait is bad also but his moves can fix his low life by recovering it. He is the same as Barbatos, The Ringer and Count Vlad they just hit hard but he seems like Count Vlad by stealing life not like Barbatos who sacrifices while attacking.


  • His speed and power are very high
  • Low Cooldowns
  • High damaging moves
  • He can steal life
  • He can apply bleed and poison
  • Awesome design


  • Bad trait
  • Low life

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm from moonEdit

  • Eroding Juices (35 AoE Dark Dmg + Poison 37s/ 3-Turn Cooldown)
  • Dark Outcry (60 Dark Dmg + 50% Lifesteal 25s/ 1-Turn Cooldown)
  • Dark Scream (60 Dark Dmg + 100% Lifesteal 25s/ 2-Turn Cooldown)
  • Slaughter Bites (65 Special Dmg + Bleed 31s/ 2-Turn Cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed

Start by using Eroding Juices as it's your AOE poison move, Dark outcry is a very move with 50% life steal while Dark scream deals the same damage and steals life by 100% so it's generally better. Slaughter bites deals massive special damage and makes target bleed so it's a good move. This monster has pretty low Cooldowns on almost all of his moves

Counters Edit

Pa'Lhax does have trouble against fast stun and freeze users. Cavenfish seems like a great choice to use against him. Timerion does help, but he can't keep him out of battle for a long time. A very powerful light monster like Lux Aura and Layth might take him down pretty easily. General Ingvar works too.