Rank: B
Power: 3,267
Life: 29,255
Speed: 3,454
Trait: Immune to Instant Death

Oghma is not the once holy beam of light he used to be, and has thus moved down to a solid B, because of nerfs and better light monsters outclassing it. Even in the "War in Heaven" Challenge, they acknowledge how bad Oghma has gotten.

Overview Edit

Oghma is a Light healer that moves mostly consist of giving teammates, and himself, immune to status effects for a few turns. It can get rid of, for himself, the following:

Freeze, Nightmares, Poison,

Then also:

Possession, Burning, and Blindness.

This is a steady skillset for just him BUT it gets better, for everyone he can give: Immunity to:

Light,Thunder,Earth, and Fire attacks

Then also:

Water, Metal, Magic, and Nature attacks.

This seems really good, until you realise he won't have the time to do this. Only 2 of his attacks are actually good, as you can see, and the AI will not always do those. Also - most attacks later on are Legendary based, so if you are versing him as an AI, you can easily crush him. Besides that - he's just an ok healer and attacker, The only REAL thing that he is scared for is his special - and he won't get that often.


  • Pretty Good Moves
  • Good Special
  • Can completely dominate if used right


  • Bad for defence
  • Bad Speed, Health, And damage
  • Attacks don't usually work against legendaries
  • Easy to crush in arena
  • Cooldowns for days!

Movesets Edit

I see the light!

  • Holy Shield
  • Divine Shield
  • Concentration Slash
  • Blessing Slash
  • 3 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

This is the standard Oghma loadout - it's used to the best of its ability as described. He is better for team wars and offence.

Maybe I can make the AI better...

  • Holy Shield
  • Divine Shield
  • Devoted Punishment
  • Deserved Punishment
  • 3 Strength/2 Strength 1 Speed

This is the loadout for if you want to use Oghma for defence, and if you want him to do damage instead of making himself better. This is debatably the best choice for non-constant and relied use.

Countering Edit

Metalhëad or Timerion should do just fine, but really any legendary can take down Oghma if used right. Catégorie:Light Monsters Catégorie:Instant Death Immunity Catégorie:Monsters