Nadiel the Flooder
Nadiel the Flooder
Rank: S
Power: 3,399
Life: 36,191
Speed: 3,476
Trait: Nemesis - Nadiel

Nadiel the Flooder is the Nature/Water-type Nemesis meaning he has to be bought with real money. He is a merciless enemy.

Overview Edit

Nadiel may looks harmless and peaceful but he is one of the most brutal nature-based damage dealers in the game.

He is damn fast, his life is really good and his power is good too (especially for denier standards), while he can freeze his enemies and uses the water element too and deals tons of damage! His special skill can freeze your enemies and gives them ignition too which means that he can even hurt fire-based monsters.

But he is a good supporter too, cause he has an AOE-move which can give total damage reduction and a second AOE-move which can give them guard down.


  • His speed and life are damn good
  • His trait is really good
  • He has a high power and deals tons of damage
  • He can use water-type moves too
  • He can freeze your enemies
  • He gives total damage reduction or guard down
  • His special skill is simply amazing and hurts everyone


  • He lacks an offensive AOE-skill
  • Every good move has cooldowns
  • Nemesis (it means you have to buy him and that's why he is harder to rank up, and Elementium is hard to obtain)

Movesets Edit

I'm the dark heart of the nature!

  • Individual Ecosystem/Covered by Insects
  • Druzhby
  • Nature Pact
  • Insects Plaque/Individual Ecosystem
  • 1 Team Speed Rune, 2 Power Runes

This Nadiel will be both: Damage Dealer and a support for your team: While he can use his attacks for dealing damage he can works togehter with his teammates using Insects Plaque or Nature Pact. With Druzhby you can freeze your enemies and with Individual Ecosystem or Covered by Insects you can give quard down or total damage reduction to one single enemy while it deals damage too. This is my favorite version to play him, cause it is mixed and variable usable.

I will protect you!

  • Nature Pact
  • Insects Plaque
  • Druzhby
  • Monona
  • 1 Team Speed Rune, 2 Speed Runes

This Nadiel will be a good supporter for your team: With Nature Pact and Insects Plaque he will give his enemies guard down and total damage reduction, while he can still freeze with Monona und Druzhby. Use his great speed to deal the states and than let your other teammates attack!

Nature's going slaughter you!

  • Druzhby
  • Monona
  • Individual Ecosystem
  • Covered by Insects
  • 3 Power Runes/1 Team Power Rune, 2 Power Runes

This Nadiel will be a dangerous damage dealer which can take down one after the other. His trait will protect him very well and with a good supporter on his side, this nemesis shall be deadly. He works very well with Ouros and Lux Aura.

Deny 'n' supply


  • Endangered Ecosystem
  • Druzhby
  • Patersoldse
  • Protect Ecosystem/Insects Plauge

Nadiel can now clear all negative effects and heal all allies (which is really useful) and do his normal single freeze with endangered ecosystem and druzhby. With the 2 NEW attacks, he can now do an aoe freeze (Paterswoldse) and do total damage reduction to all enemies. If you don't want damage reduction and damage and would prefer just guard down- use insects plauge instead of protect ecosystem.

 Counters Edit

Nadiel is one of this enemies which are really hard to face, cause he can kill most fire monsters with no trouble.

Igursus would be a good counter, cause he has enough life and power to survive and hit back. Timerion can activate his cooldowns.

Tankerion and Flamerion can be good counters too, cause both are not weak against his attacks.

Tulekahju can give his allies Immunity to Freeze and has the power to deal high damage against Nadiel, he can also remove Negative Status Effects from all Allies, making Guard Down and Total Damage Reduction useless

Book AnalysisEdit


Nadiels, including the Flooder version, are very... awkward in dragon team wars. There are not many grass or fire monsters, and most of those won't be used because of the event prise of Frostwrath and Trilops. They do fare well, but are overall diminished because of the presence of the Lucifire monsters. These, are fire, so the flooder does have the tiny advantage on them. Though, most of his attacks are weak- and the Lucifires are attackers, so they will in the end demolish the Nadiels if present.

  • Viability Rank: S (9/10)
  • Effectiveness: 6/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 3/10



There are no "Exclusive" book wars


If you have Nadiel the Pyromancer, Use him in this war, as he will slaughter all the nature monsters in his path. If not, this flooder can still get his licks in, as not many nature monsters are immune to freeze.

  • Viability Rank: S (9/10)
  • Effectiveness: 7/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 9/10


Other Nemesis TypesEdit

Nadiel the Deforester as the BASE nature nemesis.

Nadiel the Pyromancer as the FIRE nature nemesis. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Nature Monsters Catégorie:Nemesis