Monky, one of the deadliest light monsters ever released, and compared to the monsters of his element, he may be the best!

April 16, 2018 EDIT: No, he is definitely not the best. The only thing going for Monky is his very rare-to-come-across MegaStun non-Special move that has a 2-turn cooldown, and his AoE Slow Down, otherwise he's pretty bad, stat-wise and movepool-wise. Don't believe most of what the original creator of this article states, he's good, but not nearly as good as other Light legendaries.

Overview Edit

Monky is ranked A+ in Viability Ranking because he is the best light Immobolizer ever released, one of the best team protectors in the whole game, he can be used as an attacker but not highly recommended, he can be a great supporter and awesome immobolizer. His skills are just awesome, nobody can move with megastun and -100% damage, and they are spammable, just look: megastun lasts 2 turns, and his megastun skill has 2 turns cooldown. Another usage: Support ! He can make all allies Stun immune, Daze immune and he can remove blind from all with his group precision! Attacker build is not highly recommended, but he can be a great semi attacker-disabler!


  • Good speed stat
  • MegaStun move with 2-turn cooldown
  • Team AoE Precision
  • Team AoE Stun removal
  • Team AoE Stun Immunity
  • Team AoE Daze Immunity (yay...?)
  • AoE Slow Down
  • 100% Damage Reduction move


  • Shit trait
  • Other stats besides Speed is trash or bad
  • Cooldowns somewhat suck

Movesets Edit


  • Golden Monkey Punch
  • Mantra of Invincibility
  • Mantra of Focus
  • Rising Anger
  • 3 Team Speed Runes/ 2 Team Speed Runes, 1 Speed Rune/ 2 Team Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

This Monky build is just to make your team unstoppable, Rising Anger is a must have skill in all builds, as it packs a punch, and lasts only 2 turns of cooldown, and stuns enemy for 2 turns... This skill can save you in most situations! Golden Monkey Punch Deals an OK damage, and the good part is that it makes all of your team unable to be stunned. Mantra of Invincibility deals a heavy light damage so it's great to finish dark monsters, makes all allies Daze immune and it lasts only 2 turns of cooldown, until now, Monky can Make all allies Stun and Daze immune, so this is perfect to face Will "Razor Face" since he is all about a multi stun and multi daze, and most of Monky's skills are strong against him! In last Spot Mantra of Focus gives all allies precision, so it removes blind that is very annoying to face, and it is a good AOE skill! so Monky now just blocks General Ingvar by counting his Blinding/ Dazing wings and him stunning assault!


  • Rising Anger
  • Magic Circle
  • Spirit Control
  • Mantra of Invincibility
  • 3 Speed Runes

Rising Anger is your best immobolizing skill, megastun and only lasts 2 turns of cooldown. Magic Circle is nice to avoid getting harmed, -100% damage reduction and 2 turns of cooldown. Spirit Control is your multi slow, that IF it lands, you will get some extra turns! and it hits all! Mantra of Invincibility blocks daze that most light monsters do, makes them wasting a turn for nothing.


  • Mantra of Invincibility
  • Rising Anger
  • Magic Circle
  • Mantra of Focus
  • 3 Power Runes/ 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune/ 3 Power Runes, 1 Team Speed Rune

same skills as support build, but uses the high damage of the skills he has, and shows that he is an awesome ally to General Ingvar because he can benefit alot the weakness to Light and special attack that General Ingvar does to his foes. Mantra of Focus is your AOE 30 that gives precision, nice light killing skill. Mantra of Invincibility gives all allies Daze immunety, wnd the most important part is that it has 50 damage and 1 turn cooldown, could be 1 shot kill any dark monster with high rank and runes level. Magic Circle is used next to Mantra of Invincibility if it doesn't finish the enemy deals a nice 40 damage and controles the enemy by a 100% damage reduction. Rising Anger is used especially against light monsters to never be weak against them, and have the might megastun if needed.

Counters Edit

Freeze, stun and possession are good here, Eggeater, Brontes and Caillech do this job well. Also Timerion can be a usable counter. Catégorie:Blind Immunity Catégorie:Light Monsters Catégorie:Monsters