Minotaurus is a special monster who comes in winter being a special puzzle to collect, so he is free. The only other legendary monster that is free like this is Lord Moltus.


Minotaurus is a great earth attacker, he is bulky and can do some stun and shield moves that are good. He has low cooldowns and high damaging moves but he misses and AOE skill which is his main problem that puts him in B+ rank.


  • Good trait and life
  • High damage
  • Stun/daze/shields in his moves
  • His moves have low cooldowns in general


  • He lacks AOE moves
  • His movepool is pretty limited

Recommended MovesetEdit

Theseus didn’t kill me!

  • Poseidon's Help
  • Theseus' Destruction
  • Icarus' Revenge
  • Terracotta Barrier/Aegeus' Barrier
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Poseidon's Help is your most powerful attack available with 65 base power that makes a one shot kill move to VoltaiK. Theseus' Destruction also got only one turn of cooldown, but it is weaker while dazing the target. Icarus' Revenge has a low cooldown and stuns the target. Terracotta Barrier gives all allies a 50% shield and Aegeus' Barrier gives an ally a 100% shield so it's good to use with Ouros's double life.


Being weak to dark, Barbatos is good to use, Mommy can possess him and Varuna can freeze him.