Rank: AA
Power: 3,542
Life: 31,366
Speed: 3,421
Trait: 25px Stun Immunity

Metalhëad is a big metal band singer who also loves big fights and to crush its foes.

Overview Edit

Metalhëad has some of the best stats of all monsters in monster legends. All of his stats are very good, especially his power. Metalhëad also got very useful moves in general and he is very diversed, making him a force to be wrecked with. His immunity to stun comes often in handy and his typing allows him to beat more easily Light monsters such as Lux Aura. While Metalhëad is a real powerhouse, he does have some flaws. However, that doesn't prevent him from getting the mighty AA rank in the Viability Ranking.


  • Excellent stats, among the best monsters.
  • Very good and diverse movepool.
  • Great stun trait in stun immunity.
  • Solid move to stun everyone.
  • In the Darkest Hour is simply an amazing move because it can avoid a turn of possession, pass cooldowns more quickly and help Metalhëad's longevity.


  • Super weak to freeze and possession.

Movesets Edit

Metallica Showdown

  • Shouting for Vengeance
  • Kill them All!
  • Paranoia
  • In the Darkest Hour
  • 3 Speed Runes

Start with Kill them All! in order to stun your foes. After that, you can possess the most dangerous of them all using Paranoia, giving also nightmares in the process. Shouting for Vengeance is your best metal-type attack which also has no cooldown, which is very nice. In the Darkest Hour is used mainly to heal and block damage, but it also used when Metalhëad is possessed. Since he can only use that on himself, you can use that move if he gets possessed and because it gives you an extra turn, you will be able to attack normally. In the Darkest Hour can also be used to pass cooldowns more quickly.

Turn on the audio!

  • Shouting for Vengeance
  • Kill them All!
  • Justice for All!
  • Ace of Hearts
  • 3 Power Runes

Start with Kill them All! as usual. Next up, I recommend Ace of Heart to deal nice damage and gain precision to make sure you burn everyone when you are going to use Justice for All!. Shouting for Vengeance is your no cooldown move.

Song of Hazards

  • Shouting for Vengeance
  • Kill them All!/Justice for All!
  • Kill them All!/Paranoia
  • Paranoia/In the Darkest Hour
  • 2 Speed Runes/1 Power Rune

Shouting for Vengeance is necessary to get no cooldown move and a metal-type move. All the other moves are status inflicting moves, which is why speed is more praised on this set. If you think possession is annoying, In the Darkest Hour can be used instead of a fourth status inflicting move.

Counters Edit

Timerion works well on the most part, but Metalhëad does usually carry Shouting for Vengeance, making it less effective. Because of In the Darkest Hour, possession isn't as effective as it should be. So really, freeze is the way to go against Metalhëad. Of course, strong Magic-type attackers such as General Shannara do work well too. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Metal Monsters Catégorie:Stun Immunity