Mercurius, the lightning-fast Voltaik-wannabe fox. His main role is almost exactly how'd you expect a wannabe-Voltaik to function: extra-turns and lots of Blinds.


  • Good trait
  • Has possibly the best natural non-VIP/ Nemesis speed stat in the whole game
  • Multiple extra-turn moves
  • Self-Double Damage
  • Self-Precision
  • AoE Blind
  • Far faster than Voltaik


  • Can barely survive long enough to be effective (aka, HORRIBLE Life stat)
  • Large cooldowns
  • Larger cooldowns than what Voltaik normally puts up with
  • Its' only gimmick is really extra-turns, and Faraday enjoys raping Voltaik's for breakfast, so imagine how much fun Faraday would have against Mercurius.
  • Only inflicts Blind

Recommended Moveset:

  • Velocity Strike (50 Special dmg + self-Double Damage, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Lightning Strikes Twice! (50 Thunder dmg + extra-turn + self-Precision, 4-turn cooldown)
  • You Can't Keep Up! (35 Thunder dmg + extra-turn, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Bright Jolt (45 Thunder AoE dmg + Blind, 4-turn cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed