Megaosteum is a good fire attacker who stands in top 5 rank in his element...He is deadly


Megaostem is very powerful. He can unleash tons of damage very easily. He also has an AOE 45 base powered move much like General Darmith. He can further up the damage by boosting himself and gaining precision; He then he unleashes destruction to all without counting a huge base power and a stunning move, as well as an overpowered anti - Timerion move. Sadly, he lacks life and has a terrible trait. Overall, he is an A+ rank.


  • He can do massive damage to all
  • He can boost himself and gain precision and 50% stamina
  • He has amazing amount of power and good speed
  • He can stun an enemy
  • Very low to 0 cooldowns


  • His life is a bit low
  • Bad trait

Recommended MovesetEdit

The real lizard king

  • Bone Chomp
  • Cataclysm
  • Massive Laceration
  • Prehistoric Power
  • 3 Power Runes

Bone Chomp is your no cooldown move for Timerion which deals massive damage to a single enemy. Prehistoric power gives Megaosteum Double Damage and precision, which is much appreciated. Use Prehistoric power then Cataclysm to kill all foes without any miss. Massive Laceration also can attack all enemies. Use it right after Cataclysm to do more damage if you used Prehistoric Power first. Adding Tephra to this beast gives you 80% more damage on fire attacks adding the double boost so it can take down many bulky monsters such as General Atum or even Ouros.........


Being weak to water, any attacking water legend can do well like Lord Mammoth. A possessing monster is good to own this freak attacker and stunnung/ freezing is also good.