Rank: AA
Power: 3,553
Life: 27,445
Speed: 3,454
Trait: Possession Immunity

Malair is the Magic-type super-hero. Well...he was before he got turned evil by dark magic.


Malair is the most powerful magic-type attacker to date. His moves combined with his exceptional power makes him a great Metal-type killer. He doesn't fear Timerion, as he can quickly get rid of him in a blink. Malair can also spread various status effects, including random ones.


  • He got a very good amount of power and speed
  • His typing is very useful to counter Metal-types, which are common
  • He is immunue to what megics do: possession
  • His moves has got low cooldowns and high power
  • He can steal life
  • He has a good move to use against VoltaiK
  • He is diversed in his status effects
  • He has many usages
  • One of the best magic attackers
  • He performs well against any monster who spends alot of stamina in his moves.


  • He can't stun, freeze or even possess without random effects


By the Wrath of Malair!

  • By the Flames of Vassago!
  • By the Omnipotent of Zagan!/By the Images of Surgat!
  • By the Fangs of Xezbeth!
  • By the Demons of Rakshasa!
  • 3 Power Runes/2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Malair is all about damage and status effects. By the Flames of Vassago! steals HP, so use that whenever you need it. By the Omnipotent of Zagan! gives bleeding to the target while By the Images of Surgat! gives a random effect. By the Fangs of Xezbeth! gives a random effect to all foes, which is pretty cool. By the Demons of Rakshasa! spreads nightmares to all opposing team, which is always nice.

By the dark Magic!

  • By the Flames of Vassago!
  • By the Fangs of Xezbeth!
  • By the Omnipotent Zagan!
  • By the Winds of Morax!
  • 3 Power Runes

Malair's role is to hit hard while adding status effects, By the Winds of Morax! deals good damage while giving damage reduction and removing 50% stamina so it's perfect against VoltaiK and only with 1 turn of cooldown, By the Omnipotent Zagan! deals great damage and adds bleed also with one turn of cooldown so it's great against Timerion and will not be effected alot by his cooldowns activated since it has 1 turn of cooldown, By the Flames of Vassago! deals very heavy special damage and steals life also with 1 turn of cooldown and By the Fangs of Xezbeth! deals 35 damage to all an adds 1 random debuff to all.

Counters Edit

Timerion isn't recommended, so avoid using him. The way to beat Malair is to either stun, freeze or empty his stamina over and over until he dies. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Superheroes Catégorie:Magic Monsters Catégorie:Possession Immunity