Learnean is a pretty good monster, and has an awesome design. He is only an attacker. The problem is that apart from Confluent Power, his best move, he doesn’t really have great moves and lacks support moves, or even self support moves. However, on the bright side, most of his moves have NO COOLDOWN, and has a move that can remove half that monster's stanima with NO COOLDOWN. However, he can only attack with effects, he cannot give positive effects to himself or his team, which sucks. But that doesn't stop Learnean from reaching the A+ rank.


  • Most of his moves have no cooldown.
  • He can burn, remove stanima, stun, and poison
  • He has an very good Special Skill
  • Decent Stats
  • Confluent Power is very good.
  • Water Head Power is very good against Timerion.


  • He has an bad trait
  • He doesn't have any moves that gives benefits to himself or the team
  • Somewhat low health

Movesets Edit

Status Inflicter

  • Water Head Power
  • Confluent Power
  • Blaze Head Power
  • Triple Chomp
  • 3 Speed Runes/2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

This may be the best moveset for Learnean. Confluent Power is a must as it inflicts burning, stanima leak, and poison to the entire enemy team. Water Head Power is very good against Timerion because it removes Half of Timerion's stanima and has no cooldown, but it also good against monsters who waste stanima very fast such as VoltaiK. I chose Triple Chomp as my next move because it is basically your no cooldown move with 60 base power with stun. The last move is optional. I chose Blaze Head Power as my last move because it deals burning, which is better than poison, but you can choose Poison Head Power, Mixed Powers, or any stun move.

Counters Edit

If you have a possesing monster like Eggeater,Baba Yaga, or Laomu, that is already very good. However, you can just use a nature monster such as The Judgement and abuse its low health. Stunning and Freezing works too. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Magic Monsters Catégorie:Hardened