Rank: E
Power: 2,937
Life: 27,143
Speed: 2,783
Trait: Immune to Poison

This monster is bad, and such a good reason because he is very old, he is a embroidery of "Epic rarity" monster with such a horrible stats, trait and it's not even funny, first of he is so goddamn slow that any of fire monster can outsped this thing, second, he is so weak, if his SE attacks has high dealing damage, he's suffers with his horrifying bad attack stat, and ironically, he's focused to be attacker, so this monster is not even for you, if you lack of good legendaries.


  • Skills have little cooldowns
  • Alright SE skills.


  • Disgustingly Slow.
  • Weak as hell.
  • Low health
  • Shitty trait
  • Outclassed by any breedable legendary not named Nebotus.


I will crush any common monster in my path!

  • Open Bar!
  • Never Again
  • Dutch Courage
  • On the House!
  • 3 Gold runes/3 Speed runes

So, if you are ACTUALLY using Lagerchaun for some reason, this is the best loadout. Even though I recommend using a good epic like, Ophiuchus or Growler.


You're kidding me right? Thundhare can beat this crap. If you want optimal results, try a fire monster, or a stunning monster, or a possessing monster, really anything that's not Nebotus. Jesus, christ why is this even a category.

Island OfferEdit

With all my heart I beg you not to buy this horrible trasheap. Again, I'll suggest Exo Skeel and Killeraptor, but for christ's sake, even the Thundhare offer is infinitely better than this. Catégorie:Nature Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Poison Immunity Catégorie:Island Offer