Kulkan is a snake-like dragon monster that is Nature-type for some reason.


Kulkan is a very weird monster. He has better stats than Nemestrinus, but his movepool is a bit better. He is much more limited to team Healing, got a move that is completely useless as it only gives 25% stamina to all, which is a waste of a moveslot, especially with the big cooldown. Oh, speaking of which, Kulkan has huge cooldowns, like horrible ones. He has some potential. He is easily outclassed by Cyan Natura and General Alces for healing and easily outclassed by The Judgement for damage. He outright sucks. Sure, not everything is bad about Kulkan. He has some neat healing moves, he can gain stamina regeneration and he can poison. So he isn't completely useless, but he is certainly outclassed. And that's not all. Kulkan also has the second worst trait in the game! Pathetic.


  • Has nice healing moves
  • Has stamina regeneration
  • AoE poison


  • Stats aren't bad, but aren't good either
  • The second worst trait in the game
  • Cooldowns are a bit much
  • Easily outclassed in every single way by almost every Nature legendary

Recommended MovesetEdit

If only I had...something!

  • The Hand that Heals (55 Special damage + Stamina Regen w/ 31 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Snake Tank (AoE 35 Special damage + Poison w/ 35 stamina, 4-turn CD)
  • Feathered Glory (AoE 30 damage + self-heal 20% w/ 38 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Olmec Medicine (AoE heal 30% w/ 29 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

By using Team Speed Runes, you will make your Team Immobilizer faster and Kulkan will be able to start off with Snake Tank, which applies AoE poison. The Hand that Heals gives him stamina regeneration, which is great. Feather Glory deals damage and gives back some HP. Olmec Medicine is a classic healing for all allies.


Kulkan has horrible cooldowns, so using Timerion is already a win for you. Being weak to fire, Greedy dragon and General Darmith are both good Fire-types to use. Kulkan also got the worst trait in the game, so abuse that by using any status effect you have to bring him down very easily. He can't even heal those status effects by himself! What a waste.