Rank: A-
Power: 3,509
Life: 22,318
Speed: 3,465
Trait: Nightmares Immunity

Klectus is a weird and creepy spiderlike Dark-type monster which will suck every piece of your christmas feeling out of your head.


Klectus is a Dark-type damage dealer, which is a far better version of Darkzgul and loves to give his enemies nightmares, while he's sucking their live out of them. He can also use strong Dark-type moves with no cooldown and attacks fast and brutal.

He can make a good team with Metalhëad and Krampus but can fast beaten by another Krampus or every monster, that is faster and Light-typed and so, I gave him A- rank, cause he is very good and effective in the right team, but has some dangerous weaknesses, which can cost you your victory.


  • He has many moves that can steal HP
  • Low cooldowns
  • He can give multiple nightmares
  • His special move is extremely scary
  • He has good speed and very good power


  • His life isn't really high
  • He is weak against stun, freeze and possession
  • Lux Aura eats him for dinner
  • Not many move variations - he can only steal live and give nightmares


Lux Aura and Krampus are his worsest nightmare, cause Lux Aura can beat him easily, while Krampus will own him before Klectus gots any chance to attack. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Christmas Monsters Catégorie:Dark Monsters Catégorie:Nightmares Immunity