The eradicatior is here to burn everything to the ground! He has extremely high damage good AOE. However, he is a VIP and must be bought with real money.

Overview Edit

Kaih is one of the most powerful monsters in the game, with an amazing attack stat (3663) , as well as good other stats. He also has an amazing ability (Bulwark) which prevents 50% of status effect, and is able to inflict the ignite status. However, he has some flaws that are preventing him from reaching a higher rank.


  • Very good attack 
  • Good Trait 
  • Good moves 
  • 50 AOE move 
  • AOE Ignite Move 
  • Special Destroys everything 


  • Kind of bad speed
  • Needs a bit more life
  • Weak to Staminer eater monsters
  • VIP

Movesets Edit


  • Eradicator Blade
  • Stare Flare
  • Sun Fire
  • Desolation Strike
  • 3 Power Runes/ 2 Power Runes and 1 speed Rune

Start off by buffing Kaih with Damage Boost/ Double Damage, and then use Solar Flare, Sun Fire and Desolation Strike/ Eradicator Blade to finish the rest of the monsters.

Counters Edit

Because of his Bulwark trait, status effects are 50% less likley to hit him. Instead of using stun/possession/freeze monster, use a stamina eating monster like Frostbite or General Thetys. Just take away his stamina and kill him with a stronger monster like Barbatos or VoltaiK. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Fire Monsters Catégorie:VIP Catégorie:Bulwark