Rank: SS-
Power: 3,465
Life: 42,525
Speed: 2,926
Trait: 25px Mountain

Here lies the second half of Ouros, A Towering Volcano! He is a great damage dealer with a great trait!


Igursus is basicly a version of Ouros as an attacker. His moves are more about damage. He does Burning and Quicksand, and a very scary move is Vesuvius. This wall of fire can withstand a lot - but only he can, none of his teammates unless they also are tanks like General Atum. He is overall a good monster, and great contestant for Evil Legions.


  • Vesuvius is an amazing move
  • Incredible Health
  • Burn all
  • Massive shields
  • Eyjafjallajökull can pretty much kill anything
  • Mountain Trait
  • Great damage output


  • Easily stopped by General Thetys
  • Speed is not good (than again, neither is Ouros's)
  • All attacks use lots of stamina

Movesets Edit

Mountain Igniter

  • Teide/Pacaya
  • Etna
  • Krakatoa
  • Vesuvius

2 strength, one health/two health, 1 strength

All about the damage!!! Start with Krakatoa to shield yourself. Then use Vesuvius to reflect every move back at the enemy. Etna has one turn of Cool down and can do a lot of damage. Teide will be better when fighting Timerion because it will be used right after Etna when cooldowns are activated. Pacaya is good when you want to hit all enemies but, does less damage and is not as effective against Timerion.


As said before, General Thetys is good as long as you use stamina devourers. If you don't have that, any non-freeze depending water type can do well. Another good use is Possessors like Eggeater. If all else fails, use Layth or any other monster that can apply instant death. Just use when Vesuvius is off. Catégorie:Fire Monsters Catégorie:Mountain Catégorie:Monsters