Overview Edit

Hiroim The Tenacious is a great monster, since he is one of the only monsters that are able to use MegaStun as a normal move. He will crush all enemies by the might of his legendary tenacity! Behold, enemies of Hiroim, for You are the next on his deadly list! (poetic moment ended, thank you very much) The best thing about him is that what his 0CD 70-damage attack and megastun, he’s a great choice against VoltaiK.

Positives Edit

  • He kicks VoltaiK ass
  • 0CD massive damage
  • Single Megastun
  • 2-turn Protection+ Return all damage
  • Amazing life
  • Great trait

Negatives Edit

  • Lacks AOE moves
  • Lacks Effects moves

Movesets Edit

I shall crush your skull! Edit

  • Power Shelter
  • Rampact Impact
  • Adverse Fortification/ Aegis Clash
  • Perfect Armor
  • 3 Strength Runes/ 2 Strength Runes, 1 Life Rune

Power shelter deals massive damage with 0CD, so its a must. Rampact Impact applies MegaStun, so also necessary. If you use Adverse Fortification, put a life run on Hiroim, because it does Protection and Return All Damage for 2 turns. If you prefer Hiroim as an attacker and/or would like an AOE attack, use Aegis Clash (AOE daze). Perfect Armor gives a 100% shield and Stun Immunity - great for an ally in danger of death.

-AlphaOmega496 :)