Hercule is strong as a wrestler, tanky as an Elephant and slow as a turtle!

Overview Edit

Hercule has a very high power, insan life and an awesome Trait, but a low speed....

The best tank and attacker for metal category, isn't this enough?

He has got the combo of AOE magnetize followed with an AOE 45 to wipe all, but he has a 75 damage skill that gives self-shield, a damage return skill and a skill that gives:

extra turn+20%stamina+10% life+ extra turn with only 1 turn cooldown! WOW that's all to say....


  • His power and life are very good.
  • His trait is good.
  • He can make ennemies weak to metal then do a 45 AOE... nobody shall survive
  • He has one of the best self-healing moves in the game.
  • His moves are generally very powerful.
  • He do almost 1 shot kill to any enemy, inoring his element...
  • Self 20% or 30% shield/ 25% damage return, second highest life in the whole game... and a skill called "just what I needed"...... he forms a team alone


  • In general, his moves have cooldowns.
  • His speed is absolutely atrocious.
  • His face is the ugliest thing ever seen in this game

Movesets Edit

I Do Every Thing!

  • Fair Dinkum
  • Over The Top
  • Field Day/ Tonight's Top Ten
  • Just What I Needed!
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune/ 1 Power, 1 Life, 1 Speed/ 3 Power/ 2 Power, 1 Life

This monster is a mix of usages, any rune setup except more than 1 speed is a good one.

Start things off with Just What I Needed! to MAY have the chance to get your special skill, then use Tonight's Top Ten to do a multi magnetize if you have it instead of Field Day which gives 25% damage back to enemy. Over The Top gives a high damage next to Tonight's Top Ten. And Fair Dinkum is basicly Barbatos' Demon Heart skill but without the self-killing, it gives you a shield instead!

Counters Edit

General Shannara, Malair and Scarr The Outcast are solid attackers against him, possession users are not very good here because "Just What I Needed" removes it and gives him an extra turn, to defeat him? stun and mega stun is the best combo to use and thus: Brontes...