Rank: B+
Power: 3,157
Life: 32,874
Speed: 3,267
Trait: Hardened

Hasai is a guy made of crystals, is here to show us how can gems help

Overview Edit

Hasai is ranked B+ in viability ranking because of his decent stats, good skills and trait, he is one of the best light legends and he is bulky....He has got some low cooldowns and good immobolizing / debuffing moves to work with. Also he can buff your attacker with a big shield and precision and damage boost to make the job faster killking your foes....


  • He can stun with 0 cooldown which is amazing
  • He can buff his allies
  • He has got a good trait
  • Team AoE Shields
  • Team AoE Negative status effect removal
  • He can blind/daze and apply damage reduction with very low cooldowns
  • His special skill is scary
  • Low cooldowns


  • His stats overall suck. Seriously, Hasai suffers from '2015 stats'-itis.
  • Lacks immobilizing skills

Movesets Edit

Blinding Light !

  • Crystal Strike
  • Gemstone Barrier
  • Hexagonal Light
  • Crystal Bash
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Hasai is a good monster to be a secondary supporting monster so team speeds work well with him, Hexagonal Light deals moderate special damage, applies damage reduction and blind to target with 0 cooldown which is good for Timerion same as Crystal Strike which deals high damage and stuns with also 0 cooldown. Hexagonian light deals very high light damage and dazes enemy with only 1 turn cooldown so it's fantastic. And Gemstone Barrier helps an ally by adding a big shield+precision+damage boost so it's good for your attaker.

 Counters Edit

Timerion is not good to use here, good metal legends like Drazza, Annihilator R2 and Ultrabot can kill him as fast as possible Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Light Monsters Catégorie:Hardened Catégorie:Breedable Legendaries