Rank: SS+
Power: 3,124
Life: 28,652
Speed: 3,476
Trait: Magnetization Immunity

Hackster is a classic monster, known for his "Hacked" effect.


Hackster is a monster who loves to watch monsters kill themselves and be stunned, and loves to be the one to influence them to do that!. He is a killing machine.


  • Hacking bypasses immune to possession
  • Multi-Hack
  • Multi-Stun
  • Every move denies
  • Fast
  • Double damage + hack
  • Freaking amazing special move


  • Cooldowns
  • Only one attack does damage, and it's really low damage
  • Crappy trait


  • Black Hat
  • Original Cracker
  • Phrack Editor
  • Arpanet Explorer
  • 2 Speed 1 Random/3 Speed

3 Speed if you want Hackster to attack first, or 2 speed if you want hackster to get buffed up by monsters like Caillech or Incognita. Black Hat - Hacks All. Original Cracker - Stuns all. Phrack Editor - Magnetise and time stops single. Arpanet Explorer - Hack and double damage. His skill set is beast and, as you can see, will just deny any monster that comes its way.


Now that the Confusion Update is in place, it is wayyy harder to kill hackster, so you should really just pass him by. Your best bet is to use a strong magic monster like Reptie or Eggeater. Hackster has a problem with stun, freeze, and confusion, but it's risky to use a multi-stunner because of his stunning move. Baba Yaga is nice for a single possession and Hiriom the Tenacious is good for mega stun. Timerion is also good for his Mirror Mirror move, and Caillech is good for freeze. But really, good luck!

Book AnalysisEdit


  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 9/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 8/10


Hackster is godly for mechanical wars, as he can "Hack" Everybody, and stun a good amount of monsters. Plus, no other mechanical monster can possess, (Besides Mechamancer), so he is VERY good for team wars.


  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 9/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 8/10


The same is true for metal wars, as there are pretty much the same monsters. Catégorie:Metal Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Magnetize Immunity