Gretchen, the pedophile cannibal witch. Her main role is to be a full-on support/ denier, using tactics such as Regen, Shields, Reverse Healing, and even Skill Mirror.


  • One of the fastest non-VIP/ Nemesis Magic Legendaries in the whole game
  • A decent trait... I guess? I mean, it seems useful for her, what with her cons.
  • Very wide variety of tricks and statuses
  • Team AoE Regen
  • Team AoE 40% Shield
  • AoE Skill Mirror
  • 50% Shield + Damage Boost to single ally
  • Special has a fucking AoE MegaStun
  • '50% overall health-removal from single enemy' move
  • Reverse Healing


  • Cooldowns fucking suck
  • Some moves cost far more stamina than others, hence why Energised is one of few times in this case where it seems appropriate and shouldn't count as a con, despite how bad it kinda is compared to other traits.
  • Only in 1 Book Category

Recommended Moveset:

  • Beetle Toe Potion (Team AoE Regen, 3-turn cooldown)
  • Pagan Curse (50 Special dmg + Slow Down, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Shield of Valor (Team AoE 40% Shield, 3-turn cooldown)
  • Upper Level Elixir/ Life Draught Spell (Upper for AoE Skill Mirror w/ 3-turn cooldown, Draught for '50% overall health-removal from single enemy', costing 45 stamina w/ 4-turn cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 1 Health, 1 Speed, 1 Team Speed/ 2 Speed, 1 Team Speed/ 3 Speed