Greedy dragon is a really good Fire legendary. He is the Fire monster from the Nine Wonders.

Role: Attacker

Overview Edit

Greedy dragon has the access to great stats and skills, he has got an overpowered move called "The Magnificent" which gives you damage boost and an extra turn, then hitting all foes will cause them a big trouble, he can steal life / burn / apply stamina leak and even stun ! That's why he gets the AA rank in Viability ranking. However, he has a bad trait.


  • He can apply stamina leak / burn to all foes
  • He has an overpowered self boosting move
  • He can steal life
  • Good speed and decent life / power
  • He can stun


  • Bad trait
  • High cooldowns

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm so rich !

  • Gold lust
  • The Magnificient
  • Your weight in gold / Molten Gold
  • Reign of Fire
  • 3 Power Runes

Greedy dragon has got a very valuable self boosting move that give! him extra turn, he must start with it then hit all enemies with Your weight in gold with 1 turn less cooldown and will not be weak against fire and will do an effect that there is no monster who is immune to it / Molten Gold to apply : stamina leak or burn to all ( stamina leak remove 45% of stamina to voltaik and burn removes 45% life ). He can steal life with Gold Lust in bad situations or boost himself with The Magnificent then he can do it to steal more life. Reign of fire is your immobilizer move that does good damage and stuns.

Counters Edit

Timerion is good to use due to Greedy's high cooldowns. Any good water type attacker like Lord Mammoth can be good. Varuna is probably Greedy Dragon's biggest counter due to his Stun Immunity and the fact that he can freeze him rather easily. Possession, stun and freeze are good to keep him losing turns or attacking his allies.