Rank: A-
Power: 3,421
Life: 28,651
Speed: 3,498
Trait: Hardened

Grauny is a very special monster. He has water move, even though he is a fire monster. And so, he can easily take out fire monsters with little to no trouble (Depending on your moveset).


Granuy is just a simple, extreme, support - almost like a better, combo, version of Oghma and Firelequin.


  • Has Water Moves
  • "My Allies Will Rise" Is just amazing
  • Burning and Poison
  • Diverse movepool


  • Crappy Power
  • Overall unimpressive stats
  • Ok movesets


I am your master!

  • Absolute Protection
  • My Allies Will Rise
  • Accept my Power
  • Burning your Flash
  • 3 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Grauny should immediately use "My Allies Will Rise" or "Accept my Power". "My Allies Will Rise" is if there is a big attacker going next, while "Accept my Power" is for if you want to do immediate damage, burning, and poison to enemies. That being said, Grauny should be the first, or second, one to go in your team.


Grauny can be a very dangerous monster if armed with a good team. If he has Barbatos alongside him, Your team can be annihilated in seconds. You want to use someone who gets rid of good effects, for example, Glitch. You also want a good water monster to kill him, Frostbite or Varuna will do fine.