Rank: B+
Power: 2,464
Life: 32,572
Speed: 3,080
Trait: 25px Stun Immunity

Goldfield is one of the few breedable legendaries. He is one of the two Magic-type breedable legendaries, the other being Worker Hulk.

Overview Edit

Goldfield is a support monster and an amazing one. He got no cooldown in all of his moves which makes Goldfield completely immune to Timerion's Cooldowns Activated. He got a good amount of HP and his support moves are generally giving boosts and remove bad effects. He also excels at removing stamina from his foes. For these reasons, Goldfield is at the B+ rank in the Viability Ranking, which is great for a breedable monster. He is a beast in the meta these days.


  • He got a good amount of support moves
  • He got no cooldown in his moves, making him “immune” to Timerion.
  • He is immune to stun.
  • He is breedable.
  • He can give Double Damage with no cooldown.


  • He lacks speed.
  • He can be frozen/possessed to make him useless.

Movesets Edit


  • Stir Elements
  • Life Channeling
  • Forget Problems
  • Righteousness/Aether Infusion
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Goldfield is all about support, so he only got one damaging move: Stir Elements, which also removes some stamina, which is probably it's main use. Life Channeling is Goldfield's best move as it heals everyone and gives stamina regeneration. This is especially good combined with VoltaiK. Forget Problems removes bad effects and regenerate some stamina of all allies. Righteousness gives Double Damage and some stamina while Aether Infusion gives Damage Boost and Precision, the choice is yours.

Attacker Support

  • Forget Problems
  • Life Channeling
  • Righteousness
  • Aeter Infusion/Stir Elements
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

This moveset is great combined with strong attackers like Taiga, Burotgor, Igneus etc. Having a mediocre speed, Goldfield will most likely be playing after your attacker. On your attacker’s first move, use a self-support move (since most attackers have one) and then complete with either Righteousness or Aeter Infusion (example: your attacker goes first, and gives himself Double Damage. Goldfield would then use Aeter Infusion on him to make that +150% damage. Combined with some strength runes, it can easily kill an enemy or two. (I for example use Taiga with two level V strength Runes, who firstly uses Ready To Hunt (Double Damage, Precision and Dodge Attacks) and then give him 50% more damage with Aeter Infusion. So that’s 2X Level V Strength Rune + +150% damage and The Night of The Hunter (Taiga’s special, which deals insane damage to all enemies) = 80,000 AOE, damage which kills all foes unless they have at least two VII life Runes.)

Counters Edit

Goldfield can be both frozen and possessed to make him useless. You can also nuke his allies as Goldfield is pretty weak on his own.

Island OfferEdit

Goldfield is a good kick starter, but... completely uncompounded. He is not only breedable, but pretty expensive at that. He is a healer and stamina regener, and can be helpful, but is not a good offer. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Breedable Legendaries Catégorie:Magic Monsters Catégorie:Stun Immunity Catégorie:Island Offer