Glitch is a video game virus that swore to destroy every character that comes on his path.

Overview Edit

Glitch is a weird monster, but in a good way. First of all, he got a possession status unique to him which can bypass the possession immunity. Combined with the triple damage given to the monster, you get a very scary monster to face already. Glitch does have a few more tricks such has random effects or nightmares. His stats are great in general, he got a nice trait and he is just, in general, a very powerful monster. Able to give a good number of status effects as well as dealing a good amount of damage.


  • Can possess monsters immune to possession
  • Can make an opposing monster kill it's own team in one hit, thanks to the triple damage.
  • Can inflict a good number of status effects
  • Doesn't have much trouble with cooldowns
  • Good trait


  • Moves usually outclassed by other monsters in terms of cooldown, power or effect with the exception of Kill Switch.
  • Can't use it's Dark-typing to his advantage due to low damaging Dark-type moves

Recommended Moveset Edit


  • Backdoor Intrusion
  • Kill Switch
  • DDoS
  • Removal Bug
  • 2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

Kill switch is an amazing move as it allows you to possess any monster not named Timerion, tho you should be wary that you might only give the triple damage due to the accuracy lost against Hardened and higher traits monsters. Backdoor Intrusion is your best damaging move, got only one turn of cooldown and does heal Glitch a little, which is always good. DDoS gives a random effect to all foes. This move isn't great and is completely outclassed by other monsters such as Master Skeel, but the possibility of getting great status effects is usually worth the shot. Removal Bug removes good effects from the foes. This is especially great against monsters such as General Darmith or Timerion which does boost their team.

Counters Edit

Glitch is a Dark-type. So Light monsters such as Lux Aura or General Ingvar do great against him. The later is especially good due to the chance of Kill Switch to fail, thanks to the Tough trait. If you can remove negative status effects, you might want to use that as Glitch's Kill Switch will be a lot less effective.

Important Notes! Edit

  • Due to new updates with new traits introduced, Glitch can't possess all monsters anymore. Some traits give immunity even to his special possession move, like Abomination.
  • Timerion isn't the only artifact anymore, so that adds more monsters on the list Glitch can't possess.
  • So NEVER try to apply kill switch to monsters that have Abomination trait, as it won't possess them but it WILL GIVE THEM TRIPLE DAMAGE! So that's basically like making the other team win...