General Uria is the Thunder General. He is an attacker who's main role is to bring Water-types down.


General Uria is one of the weakest generals out there, if not the weakest. This is due to a huge lack of utility compared to other generals such as General Atum and General Thetys. However, Uria is still a general, so it kicks butt. It has powerful moves with low cooldowns and great stats all around. His typing is also great to take down Water monsters, because it is the most common type in the game. Uria also got access to a few status effects like daze and blind, which does help.


  • Great stats for a Thunder legend
  • Can take down Water-types
  • His moves have low cooldowns in general


  • He lacks AOE moves, with only one
  • Can't spread status effects to all opposing team at once
  • Lacks a heavy Thunder damage move, a huge deal to take down Water-types

Recommended MovesetEdit

Electrified to bones

  • Charged Boom/Electrified Attack
  • Dazing Blast
  • Electric Charge/Electric Cannonade
  • Multi Barrage
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Charged Boom is your most powerful attack available with 65 base power. Electrified Attack also got only one turn of cooldown, but it is weaker while blinding the target. Dazing Blast doesn't have any cooldown and dazes the target. Electric Charge blinds the target and got no cooldown. But if you use Electrified Attack, use Electric Cannonade instead as you don't need two blind moves. This move will also daze, but more importantly: do more damage. Multi Barrage is a must as it is your only AOE move.


Being weak to Earth, Uria gets easily beaten by General Atum, Brontes or Minotaurus. Uria can't do much against other Electric-types, especially since a lot of them are either immune to blind or daze. Tempest can beat Uria by resisting his thunder attacks, being immune to blind and it can also stun Uria if it can bypass the Tough trait.