General Darmith is the Fire-type general. He is classed an attacker who boosts himself, similar to General Nishant.


General Darmith is by far one of the best Fire-type monsters and the only one above the A- Tier (with Greedy Dragon), being ranked A in the Viability Ranking. General Darmith is fast and powerful, while also having unique support moves to help him and his team out through fights. He is brutal after a Double Damage or even a simple Damage Boost, making him a nightmare for Nature monsters. However, General Darmith does struggle on some parts and these prevent him from being among the best generals. Still, he doesn't suck at all and is a force to be wrecked with.


  • General Darmith has a very good amount of power and speed.
  • His life is backed up with Dragon Berserker.
  • He can burn everyone with one move.
  • He can boost his allies along with himself.

Faster then Thetys


  • He is weak to water, which is extremly bad, since it is the most common type.
  • He has a lot of cooldowns in his moves.
  • He can't do anything other than damage, burning and support, which makes him quite limited.

Recommended MovesetEdit

Enter the Dragon

  • Final Slash (55 Special dmg + Burn w/ 31 stamina, 1-turn CD)
  • Fury Flare (AoE 30 Fire dmg + Burn w/ 34 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Final Flare (AoE 45 Fire dmg w/ 34 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Dragon Soul/Dragon Berserker (Dragon S. for AoE Precision + Damage Boost w/ 28 stamina, 2-turn CD) / (Dragon B. for Double dmg + ignores 50% of dmg incoming [2 Turns] w/ 32 stamina, 4-turn CD)
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

You want to deal as much damage as you can. 2 Power Runes is the minimum here. Dragon Soul and Dragon Berserker are the two boosts. The first one gives precision and damage boost to all your team. But Dragon Berserker makes Darmith a powerhouse as Double Damage is more than enough to sweep a team and gives you the unique Dragon Berserker status which cuts half of the damage received. The choice is yours and it really depends on the kind of team you are using. If you are using more than one attacker, Dragon Soul might not be so bad. Otherwise, use Dragon Berserker. Fury Flare burns all your foes while Final Flare deals more Fire damage. Final Slash has only one turn of cooldown, so you might not be too weak to Timerion after all.


General Darmith has a lot of cooldowns, using Timerion's cooldowns activated prevents him from setting up. Being weak to Water, Darmith does suffer from any common Water-type like Cavenfish or Varuna. Darmith doesn't have much other than burning and setting up, so Killing it quickly might not be a bad idea as he will probably focus more about damage.