General Alces
General Alces
Rank: A
Power: 3,300
Life: 30,461
Speed: 3,432
Trait: Tough

General Alces is the Nature troops general. He is mostly a supporter.


General Alces is one of the best Nature-type monsters along with Laomu and Cyan Natura. General Alces has a good amount of power, is quite fast and got a decent amount of life to survive. Like most Nature monsters, he focuses more on healing and giving the poison status. However, Alces can also do more as he can stun and also reduce the power of his foes. That makes him easily one of the best healers in the game. He even has a move that can fully heal an ally to back up his role. However, General Alces has some flaws that preven him from climbing to the A+ rank and being among the best generals.


  • He has tons of healing moves.
  • He can do more than poisoning and healing.
  • He has good stats.
  • His trait is the best a Nature monster ever got (not counting the VIP's trait).


  • His life isn't bad, but it's not impressive.
  • Even if he is diversed, he finds himself quite limited compared to other monsters like Metalhëad or Varuna.
  • His moves have a lot of cooldowns.


Heal before you think

  • Bow Impact
  • Soothing Arrows
  • Relief Arrows
  • Naturalia Salve/Restore Arrows
  • 3 Team Life Runes

Team Life Runes give your team more life and more HP, so your healing is boosted. Bow Impact is a must no matter what kind of General Alces you use as it has a low cooldown, stuns and gives regeneration to Alces. Soothing Arrows gives damage reduction to all your foes, which no one is immune and does help for healing your allies on the next turn. Relief Arrows heals everyone for a nice 40% HP, but does suffer from a horrible 4 turns cooldown. The last move dépends on your taste. I recommend Restore Arrows as it does half the job Relief Arrows does for half the cooldown. However, Naturalia Salve can be used if you want the amazing 100% HP healing for one ally. Be warned that this move has an absolute horrible 6 turns cooldown, which is the highest in the game along with Uriel's rejuvenation skill.

Aim N Shoot

  • Bow Impact
  • Poisoned Arrow/Dazing Arrow
  • Soothing Arrows/Restore Arrows
  • Relief Arrows
  • 1 Team Life Rune, 1 Speed Rune, 1 Power Rune

This diversed General Alces is able to do multiple stuff at once. Bow Impact is a must, like I mentioned on the last moveset. Poisoned Arrow does poison the target while Dazing Arrow, you guessed it, Dazes. Choose the one your prefer. Both got only one turn of cooldown, which helps a lot General Alces. Soothing Arrows gives damage reduction, which is very helpful, but Restore Arrows helps to heal and has only 2 turns of cooldown. Relief Arrows is a great 40% HP healing move for all party.


Funnily enough, Timerion is a great Partner for General Alces, but it is also a great counter. Cooldowns Activated destroys Alces in a blink. You won't even have to worry about him anymore. Fire monsters are strong against him. So having General Darmith or Megaosteum does help. If everything fails, R.O.F.L. can apply Illuminati Confirmed to make Alces' healing hurt instead. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Generals Catégorie:Nature Monsters