Galante is a specialist in breeding, His wife is Violet and both are very good monsters to own.


Galante is ranked A- in viability ranking because of his very high speed and good debuffing skills to be a good magic disabler. He has got 2 possessing moves and an AOE blind/ stamina leak. Also he is a great user against VoltaiK because of him -100% stamina and stamina leak. Also he can apply -100% damage reduce which is great against heavy hitters


  • He got very good speed
  • He can Blind/ apply stamina leak to all at once
  • He has got a good trait
  • He can apply -100% damage to a single foe or -100% stamina
  • He can possess with nightmares or poison


  • High cooldowns
  • His special skill is not good for his type, it's better for attackers
  • Low power

Recommended MovesetEdit

J'adore les fleurs !

  • À Toi, Pour Toujours
  • Amour De Ma Vie/ Vous Et Nul Autre
  • Toujours Dans Mon Cœur/ Pour Toujours Et À Jamais
  • Le Prix De L'Amour
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Galante is a secondary debuffer, so 3 Team Speed Runes are good to make sure that your main immobilizer gets more speed while increasing your own. Amour De Ma Vie/ Vous Et Nul Autre both can possess target with same cooldown and precision but with poison or nightmares so you can pick up what you want. Toujours Dans Mon Cœur can apply -100% damage reduction while Pour Toujours Et À Jamais can apply stamina leak to all. Le Prix De L'Amour removes 100% of target's stamina so it's good as no body is immunue to it.


Timerion can be good monster to use, even if galante will deal strong damage it will not damage that much since his power is low and he will not get power runes. The Judgement and Cyan Natura can be good nature attackers and Cavenfish can keep him stunned and frozen.