Rank: S+
Power: 3,476
Life: 27,747
Speed: 3,421
Trait: 25pxEnergized

Frostbite is a multi freezer known for being the master of, well, AOE freeze.


Frostbite is known for his multi AOE freeze, Stamina stealing, Stamina stealing while multi AOE freeze (This is a real move called Glacial Snowstorm) and giving ALL allies double damage and 50% stamina. He is ranked SS+ for good reasons.


  • 2 Multi AEO freeze
  • 2 steal stamina moves
  • Gives double damage to whole team
  • Gives stamina to whole team
  • Does good damage
  • Fast
  • Amazing denier overall


  • Has 2nd Worst Trait
  • Bad Health
  • All (Good) moves have Cooldowns
  • Like Hackster, only one of his moves does damage


The storm is coming

  • Piercing Rainfall
  • Glacial Snowstorm
  • Icy Leech
  • Arctic Boost
  • 3 Speed(As main denier)/2 Strength 1 Health (As secondary denier or Stamina Helper)

He takes your stamina, then freezes you. It's hard to chose his best move, is it Glacial Snowstorm? (The move that takes 100% stamina and freezes all) is it Icy leech? (The move that takes 100% stamina and gives himself 40% stamina) or is it Arctic boost? (The move that give your entire team double damage and 50% stamina). There is no doubt, Frostbite is a powerhouse, literally and physically, with him as a main denier, there is no stopping him.


Oh god, is Frostbite hard to counter, but it can be done. Let me first say, you should just avoid frostbite if he seems like a real challenge unless he is equal or lower to your legendaries and you are confident. Ok, so, Timerion is very effective against Frostbite's moves (Because of how 3/4 of his move have 4 turn cooldowns), and can demobilize him if he can even get to attack before he is frozen, stamina deprived, or both. VoltaiK could have a hard time defeating him, but it can be done. Infact, Frostbite is weak to himself, if the one has more and better speed runes, and there are no team speed runes in play except . Zyla can also be helpful against frostbite. Griffin can blind him, making his attacks less useful.

Book AnalysisEdit

Winter Frostbite may be the most benefited from the winter book, as he has a book with little to no competition, besides the occasional Caillech. He is the perfect choice for winter wars.

  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 10/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 10/10


  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 8.5/10


Frostbite is good in water wars, because despite most water monsters being anti-freeze, he also sucks stamina and deals good damage. Catégorie:Energized Catégorie:Water Monsters Catégorie:Monsters