Rank: D+
Power: 2,761
Life: 29,255
Speed: 3,124
Trait: 25px Stun Immunity

Looks really cool, but turns out pretty crappy.


Firelequin actually has some pretty decent moves, but nothing to obsess about.


  • Gives double damage
  • Gives Damage boost
  • Pretty good health
  • Burning
  • Pretty good trait


  • Horrible Power
  • Awful Damage
  • Cooldowns
  • Move is outclassed by Demise, Frostbite, Incognita... ect.
  • Besides their double damage, moves are pretty bad.


Lite it up!

  • Mardi Gras Smack
  • Intruz Impact
  • Carnestoltes Party
  • Songs from Cadiz
  • 3 Strength Runes

Including double damage, damage boosts, and such.


Firelequin is not to hard to defeat, unless paired with a heavy hitter like Fenrir or Barbatos. Any good water monster can pretty much get rid of Firelequin, and any monster that can get get rid of positives effects can render them useless.

Island OfferEdit

This actually isn't the worst offer you can buy, and if you need a good supporter then he is a pretty nice buy, but again, not the best monster or buy. Not necessarily a good purchase. Catégorie:Fire Monsters Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Island Offer Catégorie:Stun Immunity Catégorie:Breedable Legendaries