Exo Skeel is the physical power of the Skeel army so it is clear : he is an amazing attacker.


Exo Skeel is an attacking thunder type monster that has good stats and moves to class him in A rank . He is the best monster if you want to kill all foes in one hit . Even if he hits hard, he still can stun and daze which is always good


  • He can stun and daze while hitting hard
  • He has the access to one of the most damaging AOE moves in the game
  • Ok life
  • Very high power that helps him to hit better
  • His special skill can stun all
  • Not high cooldowns
  • Breedable


  • Bad trait
  • Ok speed
  • Misses an immobilize skill to all
  • His speed isn't high enough to avoid being frozen for the entire match by some water types

Recommended MovesetEdit

The power of exo army !

  • Xenon Ion Laser
  • Argon Laser
  • Ultra shot
  • Shredding Gripper
  • 3 power runes/2 power runes,1 speed rune

Exo Skeel does his job perfectly : killing enemy....His Xenon Ion Laser is one of the most deadly skills that can kill all foes without any damage booster. Argon Laser is a second hard hitting move to all that must finish the battle when you do it just before Xenon Ion Laser. Ultra Shot does solid damage while adding daze and Shredding Gripper does also good damage and stuns.


Being a thunder type monster he can be a dinner for a good Earth monster such as General Atum or Brontes. Also Timerion can help a bit taking this down. Freezing him is also good.

Island OfferEdit

This is probably the best, cheapest, Island offer there is. Even if it's more expensive than other legendaries, if you don't want to wait to hatch him, need food, a habitat, and just need a good leveled up legendary - he's your guy.