Eggeater, the egg-eating snake monster. He hunts for eggs, especially at Easter and steals them from their baskets just to eat them. He is the Magic monster from the Nine Wonders.

Role: Denier

Overview Edit

Eggeater was the first legendary introduced to have multi-possessing move. This quickly made him a top-tier treat as everyone went into the maze island where he was to get him. Moreover, Eggeater is also able to inflict other kinds of status effects and his Magic-typing is very handy to defeat those very powerful Metal monsters. Eggeater does have flaws, but they couldn't stop him to reach the rank A+ in the Viability Ranking.


  • Good denier for dragon book
  • A multi-possessing move is extremely powerful and unique.
  • His stats are pretty good.
  • He is immune to possession himself, which is always welcome.
  • 0 CD stun
  • AoE Burn + Blind
  • Can apply: Possesion; Stun; Nightmares; Burn; Blind; Poison and Stamina Removal


  • His speed is good, but not high enough to outspeed some other treats such as Cavenfish.
  • While being immune to possession, he can be stunned and frozen easily.
  • His special attack isn't that great

Recommended Moveset Edit

Have some eggs!

  • Viper Munch / Snake Gnaw
  • Horror Eggs / Torment Egg
  • Possessing Eggs
  • Multi Effect Eggs
  • 3 Speed Runes

Start with Possessing Eggs, you want to possess all your ennemies. After that, use Multi Effet Eggs in order to give both Blind and Burn to all your foes. Viper Munch has good power and poisons a target while also being neutral to all elements. Horror Eggs is used over Torment Eggs because it has no cooldown, making it the primary move to defeat Timerion easily.

Counters Edit

Eggeater can be stunned and frozen pretty easily. While he can counter Cavenfish, that same monster can also do the same if he is faster. Varuna also does a great job at keeping Eggeater at bay. While Nature isn't really a great damaging move, it is Eggeater's weakness and if you have a powerful monster of that element, go with that. Any monster immune to possession does have an advantage over Eggeater. Noctum can heal back the damage and avoid possession from Eggeater at the same time by stealing its HP.