Drazza is an old military who came in Monster legends just to hit, nothing else.

Overview Edit

Drazza is ranked A in viability ranking because of his deadly combo between stats, skills and trait, he is one of the top metal legends and he is bulky / powerful and fast so he is deadly..... His multi magnetize then the multi burn can 1 hit kill all, and if this is not enough to Ouros the burning damage can kill and if not his lethal bazooka is the finishing move...


  • He got very good stats, maybe the best stats in all monsters combined with Metalhëad , Killeraptor and without the VIPs
  • He can burn/ magnetize/ stun all at once
  • He has got a good trait
  • He can do good damage with stun


  • High cooldowns
  • Somewhat slow

Recommended Movesets Edit

Kaboom !

  • Multi burning projectile / Multi stun projectile
  • Multi explosive projectile
  • Lethat Bazooka
  • Brutal combo punches
  • 3 Power Runes

Drazza deals solid damage so 3 power runes are the best with him, Multi stun projectile is your mass stun skill but only 50% chance also with lower damage than Multi burning projectile so it's up to you to pick up one. Lethal Bazooka does high metal damage and poisons target while giving you precision and it may be stronger when your target has got magnetize. Brutal combo punches does high damage while stunning the enemyso it helps you to immobolize. Also his special skill is a metal type one that does brutal damage to all so use multi explosive projectile then your Red Code for more damage.

 Counters Edit

Timerion can be the best monster to use, first he can activate cooldowns to keep him out of the battle, also both are metal type monsters so Drazza will have weak attacks. General Shannara and Malair can perform well against him.