Rank: B+
Power: 3,575
Life: 24,429
Speed: 3,377
Trait: Burn Immunity

Dracontium is the little brother of Greedy Dragon and General Darmith and the dragon you want, if you need someone which will guard your princesses for ever.

Overview Edit

Dracontium is a very strong and powerful attacker and a damn GREAT damage dealer with can burn your enemies into dust. But this isn't all: He can give stun and boost himself with strong attack skills.

Use him with strength runes and he will be unstoppable and will destroy everything in his way!


  • Dracontium has an insane high power
  • Good and interesting movepool
  • Many damanging skills with no cooldown
  • His special skill is great, cause it burns AND stuns every enemy.
  • He can boost himself and gain precicion while he's dealing damage.
  • He can burn multible enemies
  • Low cooldowns


Counters Edit

Every strong, or really any that's not Nidaria, Water-type monster (especially Lord Mammoth, cause he can stand against strong allies) which can deal big damage are useful against him. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Fire Monsters Catégorie:Burn Immunity